Wine, Oh!

1 {Cupcake Red Velvet} // 2 {Bogle Chardonnay} // 3 {Barefoot wines}

It’s no secret I love me some wine; a popular question I often get asked is which kinds are my favorite. I’m constantly trying out new wines–I try to choose a new blend or vineyard when I make a trip to my local Trader Joe’s, but the ones pictured above are some of my absolute favorites and make regular appearances on my nightstand kitchen counter.


  1. Alycia says:

    i’m curious to try the cupcake wine. i hear lots of raves about it. one of my favorite go to wines is oyster bay chardonnay. yumm!

  2. Lexy says:

    Hahaha I totally thought “I bet she put’s cupcake first”! Red Velvet is SO GOOD!

  3. Oh no… not white zin… oh my. ;)

  4. Danielle says:

    I’ve never had a wine I have liked. I’ll have to try one of these to see if I change my mind about wine!

  5. Melisande says:

    If you like the reds from barefoot then you will LOVE Hahn pinot noir…. Current fave and I love it!!

  6. Daniela says:

    I really enjoy Cupcake wine now, thanks to you! ;)
    Also, I love Barefoot’s Pinot Grigio. It’s pretty much my go-to wine!

  7. carly says:

    i just started liking wine this past summer actually…when i was in BC visiting my bestie, she worked at a winery and we went on a wine tour and well, turned out i just wasn’t drinking GOOD wine before.

    i took a peek at that cupcake one at the store the other day. it’s your #1 fave? i’ll have to get it try this weekend and let you know what i think :)

    i haven’t tried the barefoot ones yet either. i’m on a red kick so i’ll have to give them a try too. gosh i love me some wine. this post is making me want to pour a glass…is 3:15pm too early??

  8. Tracy says:

    Haha, love the title and the nightstand remark. Have you tried the chariot gypsy wine from TJ’s? I totally pick wines by their labels and this one is actually delicious and cute too!

  9. arielle says:

    I almost bought the cupcake wine the other day! I’ve been wanting to buy my first bottle, thanks for the recommendations.

  10. kristin says:

    thanks to my coworkers, i’ve started to drink more and more wine. even when i’m home alone. (drinking alone always used to make me feel like an alcoholic, but 1 glass never hurt anyone!) my faves recently are the naked grape chardonnay and pinot noir. i usually like white wine, but am always willing to try a nice red.

  11. Caitlin says:

    I think I’m an abnormality…I hate wine. All wine.

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  13. Krysten says:

    I love Barefoot as well, so good. I must check out this Red Velvet Cupcake wine!

  14. kara says:

    Cupcake Red Velvet is my favorite!!! I’ve gotten several bottles as gifts over the past few months – for our wedding, for my birthday, for Christmas…I’m starting to think I have a reputation ;)

  15. KF says:

    “.. regular appearances on my nightstand” hahaha! :D

  16. Angie says:

    Yummy!!! These all look so good. Definitely need to try some Barefoot!

  17. bobbi says:

    Oh I haven’t had barefoot in years {it’s pretty much illegal to drink California wines in New Zealand or Australia}. That used to be one of my faves! Their bubbles are awesome as well if you haven’t tried them!

  18. One of my all time favorite wines is a Garnacha from Spain called Monte Oton. It’s typically between 6-8 bucks (so cheap!) but it’s uh maze ing and always gets great reviews. Definitely try it out the next time you’re at a wine shop :)

  19. How have I not heard of a wine called Cupcake Red Velvet? It’s a combination of my two favorite things in life: alcohol & cupcakes. What could be better than that?! Must try soon!!

  20. liz says:

    i love it! good choices. and, ya, i have a glass of wine on my nightstand every night. i jump in bed with my book or laptop and my wine and i’m a happy girl ;)

  21. Holly says:

    Gah, I am so so so jealous of you Americans and your Trader Joe’s. One day Canada will get some… but even when we do, they won’t sell wine… at least not at the ones in Ontario. Stupid liquor laws, ha. I can’t wait for Ontario to finally sell beer & liquor in stores other than the Beer Store & LCBO.

    Anyway… man I keep going off on tangents in comments on blogs. I need to stop that, ha.

    I will definitely try out these wines! As I’ve mentioned, I want to try every Cupcake wine. Right now the LCBO only sells two flavours (Red Velvet is one of them, though!) so I’ll have to make a trip to the States to buy the others! mmm…

  22. Ciera says:

    ok, just had to run downstairs and grab a glass after reading this! I always just pick the pretty label and they usually turn out good!

  23. Ashley says:

    Oh wine! I love to have a glass while I read before bed. It’s the best.

    I am not a fan of red though, maybe I just haven’t tried a good one? The Cupcake Red Velvet one sounds delicious, I’ll have to give it a try!

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