What Do You Do To Improve As A Person?

The end of the year is coming and maybe you’re thinking about what you have achieved over these months, and what you need may be that you are planning for next year. But how much of what you’ve come to realize it has endured? Are you sure where you want to go? What has come true?

What Do You Do To Improve As A Person?

First of all we must learn to make a difference between what is permanent and what starts out with good intentions, but may be short-lived. What we mean is that the first thing to do is look inside yourself to achieve make changes in your environment and that they are durable.

Psychological experts recommend thinking of achievable goals and what makes you happy, so it will be easier to achieve and make you a better person; thus, improve your environment.

It is one hundred percent true you want to improve your appearance and it is wonderful to create new habits to be healthier, but one of the best principles is to start by accepting yourself as you are. How to achieve it? We give you a few tips:

  1. Find your qualities and thanks for them. This includes part of our personality and activities that we are good and we can enlist. For example: “I am concerned environment, I’m a good cook, fast I’m swimming, etc”.

Write them and thanks for them. Some studies have shown that gratitude is bound to have better relations and healthier habits.

  1. Be realistic about your limitations. It recognizes that each person is unique and has a different task in life. Each one, including you, are doing the best under the circumstances in which it is located. Adopts this statement of corporate coach and staff Farnoosh Brock: “I accept myself. I love myself. I forgive myself for what I was not aware until I learned it. “
  1. Have mercy and forgive as you would with others. If you have a friend who is depressed because he made a mistake at work and caught her attention, you would add to scold you? Surely not, and what you would do would be to give words of encouragement and cheer to go ahead because it was simply a slip, which happens to us all at some point in life. So acts with yourself, I am your best friend and do not let yourself fall.
  1. Look at your deepest and positive thoughts. We have many positive thoughts and feelings during the day, but usually remember the problems because they are with which we have to deal more often and those who have to pay more attention.

That’s why gratitude is a powerful habit to adopt. Some psychologists recommend to choose the best things for which we should be grateful to us and the other to the end of each day.

In fact, if you search a bad experience, usually we find something positive.

You will notice that it is not worth being angry, offended or afraid if you do not take this situation as “to heart”. It works, when something does not interest us, we do not even realize it exists.

Get importing the things you carry in your heart, what you love or you are passionate about, and is what makes you happy.

Well,they say that to be happy, small tastes that feed the soul and the body must also be given. For the latter, good nutrition is essential and what better if something delicious, like a rich juice such as Del Valle, whose flavors and nutrients are able to get you the best smile of the day.

  1. Focus and do not give up. Learn to accept it might be for some people a quick process, but often takes time and effort. Setbacks or difficult situations often occur, but avoid feeling frustrated in the process and with ourselves.

Even if it takes time, it’s worth … you will see the results and feel the difference in you and around you.



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