Waste Management Tips When Renovating a House


It’s rare to go to a park, restaurant, or nearly any public place these days without seeing an option for recycling. Many of us are so put off on the rare occasions that this does happen that we’ll hold onto our bottles until we find somewhere we can recycle them. It’s become ingrained us, which is a very good thing. Proper waste management in our homes and small businesses is more the norm than the exception right now. However, there are times when we don’t consider the amount of waste going into something, and one of those times is when we are doing home renovations. There are ways to avoid this, however. It just requires being aware of it as you enter into the home remodel. Looking for some guidance? Read on for some waste management tips for when you renovate your home.

Know Your Contractors

These days, we can pretty much research anything online, and reviews are available on nearly all (if not all!) businesses. Due your due diligence when hiring a company to not only make sure they’ll do a great job with your home remodel but that they’ll also properly dispose of your waste and handle recycling in a responsible manner. Read the reviews and go for a company that gets five stars in both design/aesthetics and waste management. As this article notes, “Working with contractors experienced in waste diversion, contacting waste haulers about recycling options, and researching local networks for building-material reuse often can reveal more resources for sustainable use of construction and demolition waste than one might expect.” And the EPA estimates a diversion rate of more than 80 percent when recyclers are used.

Companies like We Buy Houses Denver like to concentrate on getting the home in perfect condition for resale, so they always ensure that they hire contractors who are known for their thorough recycling programs. It gives them peace of mind, as they know the employees at these companies will assess the needs of the project so they know how to properly dispose of the waste.

Consider Renting a Skip Bin

This is super easy, as all you do is rent this large container, load it up with excess materials from your home remodel, and the company you use disposes of it for you. There are a ton of benefits to using a skip bin, such as keeping the neighbors happy with your cleanliness during the remodel and preventing damage to your car that could take place if you transport materials on your own. And, as with our tip in knowing your contractors, you’ll want to ensure your skip bin company has a reputation for responsible recycling of said waste.

Use Building Materials That are Sustainable

We’ve talked about the proper disposal of the waste but there’s something to be said for using environmentally friendly, renewable materials on your home remodel right from the start. As this article notes, “Consider the toxicity level of materials as well. For example, natural flooring can eliminate VOCs and are more likely to be biodegradable.” A home remodel using green materials is one you can surely feel good about. 

Make the Most of Your Space

Many of us can get pie-eyed when it comes to home remodels, and we envision the dream mansions we’ve pictured since we were young. The truth is, though, we really don’t need that much space, and this is particularly true if you live in a warm weather climate. Outdoor areas can often be considered as part of a home’s square footage. Think about not only how much waste will be produced for a large remodel but how much this area will also cost to heat and cool once the renovations take place. Bigger isn’t always better, as saving energy is crucial in today’s world.

It’s time we make waste management a priority when it comes to our homes, and that includes our remodels. Set a plan, hire a responsibly green company, and complete your project with as little waste as possible. You won’t believe how good this will make you feel.

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