Try out these combo gifts for your dad to wish him on Father’s Day

The upcoming big occasion is Father’s Day and on this day as a child you must show your love and respect in an interesting way because all his life was dedicated in raising you up. He has sacrificed so many dreams silently for your upbringing and thus on this special day, you must try to make him a proud dad.

Watch and Pen: Both these things define a personality for an office going dad. He would be more than happy and surprised to get this alluring combination of father’s day gift from daughter. Make a list of the branded watches and pens and then check which of these he already has before finalizing the gift for him on his special day.

Watch and Pen


Headphones and Power Bank: If your dad has to travel a lot to meet his professional requirements, these two things would be a savior. It is not always possible to find an electric socket to charge the phone. A power bank would make sure that the phone never runs out of required charge. And headphones would make his boring trips a livelier one. So, go ahead with this amazing combination of gift.

Headphones and Power Bank


Fishing rod and Mp3 Player: On the first go, you may think this one to be a bizarre gift idea, but this would be the most unconventional gift combination. If you dad is a loner types who loves his fishing rods as his companion during weekends, he would be happy with this gift idea. While he has dipped his fishing rod into the pond, what would be do? Listening to good music would thus be suggested. You can replace this MP3 player with a nice book also if he likes reading.

Fishing rod and Mp3 Player

Backpack and shades: If your dad is the one who loves to explore the world and often plunges into journeys alone, a backpack along with some cool shades would be a lovely idea to greet him on this day. Both are very essential and would be loved by him for sure.

Backpack and shades

Recliner and Books: If your dad has retired recently, this is going to be the most satisfying gift for him. He has worked much all through his life to please the loved ones and fulfill all your dreams and now this is the time for him to relax a bit. A recliner chair with modern techniques would be enjoyed for sure. Along with that don’t forget the books that he loves.

Recliner and Books


Indoor Plants and Coffee Mug: Indoor plants like lucky bamboo, bonsai, snake plant, Aloe Vera, etc. are really very useful in many ways. You can enjoy a space with better oxygen content which means you would have a better energy flow in your room and good energy would alleviate the negative thoughts. No, if your dad is a busy one who is mostly engrossed in his office work, you have to add a coffee mug to these plants. All in all, this combo would be a nice one as a father’s day gift.

Indoor Plants and Coffee Mug





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