Tips on Choosing Programs and Workshops for Christian Women


When you look at all of the interesting courses, workshops and events people host for women’s empowerment sessions, it only makes sense for the church to do the same. After all, women make up the majority of most congregations. They should be able to feel as though the church is a safe place for them to learn and grow. If you’re in the position where you’re a women’s ministry leader, you get to choose the programming that’s facilitated within your department. Consider the following tips as you move forward in this area.

1. Create a survey. First, you’ll want to get the feedback and input of the women within your congregation. Host a town hall meeting. Ask them what they’d like to see more of. You can also choose programming by creating a survey. As you create the survey, leave a space for open-ended answers. If they have suggestions for programs, they’ll give their ideas in that space. Once you can hear back from the women you’re serving, you’ll be able to gain new perspective regarding what the needs are within your congregation.

2. Talk to other women’s ministry leaders. Reach out to fellow women’s ministry leaders in other congregations. Find out what they’re doing to reach other women. Attend a christian women workshop that one of your fellow women’s ministry leaders is hosting. This is a great way to support, get ideas and gain perspective.

3. Consider what’s trending. Women’s empowerment is very popular on social media. While it’s good to hope that women’s empowerment always remains, it’s important to take notes regarding what women are empowered by. Take a look at social media. If there’s a Christian speaker who is impacting women and attracting crowds, consider booking her to come and speak one of the women’s ministry empowerment sessions.

It’s important to remain relevant and abreast of what women are currently talking about. This is important because you never want to come off as a stale, outdated ministry. That wasn’t what Christ was about when he was here on Earth. Use the classic message to reach women in a relevant way.

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