Three Tips to Making Cooking Easier and Fun in Your Home Kitchen


Cooking for yourself and/or your loved ones can get mundane and boring after a while. It can get to the point where you simply want to order a pizza and get dinner over with—no homemade yummies or good conversation. How can you get your mojo back in the kitchen? How can you make cooking easier and more fun? The following tips should give you some inspiration to excitedly preparing your next meal.

Theme Your Dinner Around Something Fun and Family-Friendly, like the Renaissance or Seasonal Harvests

Have you ever been to dinner and a show? These themed dinners are so much fun because they put you directly into the era or theme that the meals and ambiance are attempting to recreate. Hence, this could be something fun to try out with your family and friends. Theme your own dinner around something neat-o, like the Renaissance, and plan a menu.

For instance, a Renaissance menu might consist of homemade crusty breads, sharp cheeses, thin-sliced meats, and an assortment of sweet wines [or juices for kids].

Side note: When in doubt, look to your kitchen design as a theme focus. Renaissance would work well if your countertop consists of stone remnants Wexford PA.

Cooking with Your Spouse? Make it a Bit Boozy for an Extra Flair of Fun and Romance in the Kitchen

Boozy meals are those that pack a punch of alcohol tastes. For example, you can infuse chocolate with cinnamon whiskey, then dip strawberries and allow the chocolate to harden. This gives every fruity bite a kick of spice while ramping up amorous feelings for a romantic evening in the kitchen…and perhaps in the bedroom afterwards.

Learn How to Cook a One-Pan or One-Pot Dish for Easier Meals After Long and Tiring Days

Most people don’t feel like cooking anything when they work 8+ hours a day. But one-pot or one-dish dinners make everything easier. Throw together your favorite ingredients for a yummy recipe, like chili, in a crockpot, set it on low, and let it simmer all day. Voila—a delicious dinner when you come home.

Side note: If you don’t have much time to prep one-pot or one-dish dinners, do so on your day off. Cut up your ingredients, put them in freezer-safe ziplock bags, and throw them in a crockpot before you leave for work.

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