Three Reasons to Consider Using Pavers for Your Next Driveway Surface


Pavers represents a great alternative to both driveway and patio surfaces than concrete or flagstone, and it also offers advantages over typical asphalt driveways. The following are a few reasons to consider using this type of surface.

It is better than asphalt
Asphalt is an easy to install surface material, and therefor, it is the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. Asphalt material chips and crumbles. It also must be maintained after installation. Resurfacing is easier than with concrete, but you don’t’ need to worry about this with a pavers surface. There is very little, if any, maintenance for a pavers surface. Although it is true that the installation cost is higher than asphalt, it is also true that there is a cost savings with less maintenance. In addition, The aesthetic appeal of pavers is greater than asphalt.

It is better than concrete
For many people, concrete is a step up in aesthetic value from asphalt, but it is one continuous piece of concrete. The surface can stand up to traffic more than asphalt, but it will crack over time. Although it holds up to the weather better than asphalt, when it comes time to repair the concrete, some of the surface will need to be torn up, so the concrete can fill in evenly. Patching is not as much of an option as it is with asphalt. Pavers stands up well to traffic and will not crack like concrete.

It is better than flagstone
Flagstone is a huge jump up in aesthetic appeal from both asphalt and concrete, so if you only look at these three options, you will want to choose flagstone. However, pavers is superior to flagstone. With pavers, you still get the beautiful surfaces, but because pavers is made without layers, they will not degrade much with traffic or weather. Flagstone is a natural, sedimentary rock and will slowly degrade with weather and traffic. In order to delay the inevitable, flagstone surfaces must be sealed. Pavers requires no sealing, as the stones are not sedimentary. Also, because flagstone is a natural, it only comes in a limited range of colors and styles. Pavers offers a wide range of colors and styles to choose from.

Regardless of what your final choice will be, you should keep in mind that pavers offers the most advantages of any other surface material. You can use it both in your driveway and patio area. It will last longer than other materials, there is little maintenance, and you can choose exactly the best look that fits with your landscape. A pavers san jose company can help you with any questions you may have.

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