These Days


In an effort to update y’all on the happenings of life as Liz lately, I’m following Lauren’s lead with a little list of current events. And so without further adieu…

I have:

// Been procrastinating on unpacking the rest of my apartment. It’s the worst. I have yet to hang up all of my clothes or put away dishes. It’s been almost 2 weeks and its time I get my shit together and stop living out of boxes + takeout menus.

// Had my life changed by DVR. Okay, okay so life changing is a bit of an exaggeration. But srsly, I haven’t had cable in years let alone a DVR box ever, so it’s pretty awesome. Last night I got home after the gym and plopped down to catch up on Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones, which I am currently obsessed with. I want to dye my hair platinum blonde, wear it in braids and tell everyone I am the Khaleesi.

// Re-focused on getting into shape. Last night I worked out at the gym for 2 hours with my cousin. A trainer made us go through a circuit of tortureworkouts and I learned a bunch of new techniques. Today, I feel like a bucket of jello and I barely have the strength to apply pressure to my gas pedal, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Mmm, cookies. I will miss thee.

// Been spending a lot of time with family + friends. In an effort to stay busy, I am constantly catching up with friendly faces and planning little trips here and there. This weekend I’m escaping to wine country and next month one of my best friends and I are wanting to visit Las Vegas. I’ve never been so I’m especially excited about the prospect. It will probably be a crazy couple of days.

// Made playlists of songs from some of the best times of my life. Common tracks include ones from Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Early November, Jimmy Eat World and Copeland. You know you went through an emo phase too.

// Not made blogging a priority {obviously}. I’ve been enjoying all of the above too much to actually be motivated to blog. So forgive me in advance, for the sporadic posting that may or may not happen. I’m still tweeting and posting photos to Instagram if you want to be pals on there in the meantime.

Love love love.

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