The Girl Who Went Boom


This graphic deftly describes a lot of my life lately. My entire world is a blur at the moment by no fault but my own. I’m the one spinning it around and around, after all. I change my mind every 2 seconds. I’m making mistakes. I’ve been really, really sick for the past two months–first a kidney infection and now bronchitis. I’m still playing catch up with moving expenses and learning how to budget living alone.

But there are glimmers of happy, too. I’m smiling more often than not. I have some AMAZING friends and family rooting for me. I’m gearing up for the school semester in the fall. I’ve become a master at shopping at the Dollar Tree {no shame}. I’ve lost a bunch of weight {probably due to stress and being sick, but I’ll take it} and I have some fun little trips coming up with people I adore. I’m slowly taking on design gigs again and miss blogging here on the regular.

I’m not perfect; things aren’t perfect. At all. But there have been perfect moments and that’s what I’m holding on to right now. I’m still figuring it all out.

I miss all my blogging babes, what have you guys been up to?!

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