I don’t really know why anyone reads our blog, because it’s just about my life with my husband…and last time I checked, Mesa, AZ was super boring and lame. But, sometimes people tell me I am funny…and that sometimes I take cool photos. So if you like lame things, with a side of cool photos and hilarity, you might like my blog. The end. :)


Hi there!
I’m Lindsay, the creator behind Originally Me, both the shop and the blog. I’m an architecture student with a passion for design and a love for making pretty things. I’ve been a crafty and creative person for as long as I can remember and love sharing it with the world. Each and every piece I make is one of a kind and made with lots of love. I have a fun eclectic style and love mixing all types of materials to make unique jewels that I hope will make everyone who wears them feel special.


Lindsay is graciously offering a discount to SRSLYLIZ readers. Enter SRSLYLIZ10 to receive 10% off!

SFTravel.com is the brutally honest, independent guide to San Francisco. Originally written as a set of suggestions for friends visiting the City — the site has grown to offer detailed reviews on a wide spectrum of great things to do in San Francisco. If you’ve got a friend coming to visit – it’s a great way for them to scan the different cool things to do in San Francisco, or learn the “real” truth about Fisherman’s Wharf! The editors also offer the same review style for Seattle visitors including Pike Place Market at SeattleTravel.com.

Graphic design is my life. My mantra is: Simple and steadfast: Less is more, and more is less. I’m Crystal Wade and I’m a designer.


I’m a blogger, with a love for photography of all formats and my shop reflects this. From Polaroids to digital, I never discriminate against a photo adventure.


I’m Lindsay and I am a jewelry maker, a ferocious upcycle-er, and am about to begin to work towards my MFA in sculpture! Through my etsy shop, The Chic Pea, my aim is to create statement pieces of jewelry and vintage that make you look & feel artistic & creative. Use code SRSLYLIZ for 10% off your next etsy order!
On my blog, I document the fantastic and inspiring things I come across, crafty DIY’s, pretty things, tasty things, and exciting adventures. Stop by for a visit!


Hello! Savannah here from MaieDae. :) I’m a wife, full-time graphic designer and momma to a sweet kitty, Kaito. I love running my blog, being creative by any means necessary, nesting my home, organizing, being married to my high-school sweet heart and dessert!


A few of these lovely ladies have generously offered items to giveaway to one lucky SRSLYLIZ reader. Up for grabs is:

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To enter: leave a comment telling me what your favourite part of summer has been so far. Be sure to leave your email so I can contact you if you win. I’ll choose a winner on Friday.

Thank you to my stellar sponsors for all your support this month. If you’re interested in advertising on SRSLYLIZ in August I’ll be posting about that soon as well, so stay tuned.

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