As many of you may have already known and been subjected to my puppy spam on Instagram, we added a new member to our little family. Meet Roscoe! He’s now 10 weeks old and is a Brussels Griffon just like Walter. I’m convinced this is the breed of dogs we are meant to have. We’ve been wanting to get Walt a brother for some time now, and somehow the stars aligned and Glenn’s high school friend happened to have Brussels puppies a mere five minute away from the house he grew up in in Roseville. Talk about fate, right? We picked him up last week and have been taking our time adjusting to this extra furry little monster in our lives and getting him and Walter used to one another. Glenn has taken to describing him as a “piranha kangaroo” because albeit tiny, his teeth are razor sharp and he bounds around like a marsupial from down under. Oh, but the puppy breath. I can’t get enough :)


  1. kelli murray says:

    Are you kidding me!!? Cutest little guy ever!

  2. Angela says:

    Friends of mine used to have two Brussels Griffon and I love them so much. If I ever get a dog again, I want one of those. They’re so cute and ugly.

  3. Brook says:

    I used to have a dog named Roscoe! A little shih tzu that my parents gave away while I was at college :( Have fun with all that puppy breath!

  4. Krysten says:

    Yay! He’s so cute! And as the mommy of a Roscoe I can tell you that Roscoes are pretty awesome.

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  6. Hillary says:

    He is adorable Liz! Love his name too. I am sure Walter is so happy to have a new brother!

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August 12, 2013 Personal, Srsly Liz