Remembering One Who Has Left Us


The loss of a loved one is a somber experience regardless of the circumstances. In the case of an elderly person who has been ill, the loss is generally easier to accept, as it is in the nature of the things for the elderly to pass away. When a young, healthy person passes due to unexpected circumstances, the loss can be deeply affecting to a wide circle of friends and family. Sometimes the loss can be so profound, it brings on feelings of chaos and uncertainty to those within the person’s close circle. It’s in these cases that the rituals of burial and memorial are so important and so deeply affecting.

Planning a Memorial

Planning an appropriate memorial service is never an easy task, but there’s no doubt it is always worth doing. It’s important for loved ones to be able to gather together and share their feelings about the loss of the person who has passed, and to let the meaning of the person’s life resonate in memory. Added touches like funeral flowers brookfield il, music, food, and well chosen words commemorating the person’s life add a lot to the impact of a great memorial. Still, it isn’t easy.

Having More Than One Service

Some people choose to do more than one service to remember a loved one, like an intimate family gathering as well as a larger service. Some choose to have a religious service and then a more casual memorial that allows friends to share stories about the person who is gone. What’s important in all of these cases is that the person who has passed is remembered well, with love, honestly and some wit as well. No, dealing with death is never easy, but it’s a reality of life, and so it must be dealt with with courage in order for the death to have real meaning for those left behind.

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