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all images via Seablanket

My wildly talented friend Chelsea (formerly known as Seablanket) recently launched her new website + blog. Chelsea is an incredible artist, photographer, fashion designer and let’s face it–person. I’m inspired by just about everything she produces! Be sure to visit her and say hello.

February 5, 2014 2 Comments Inspired By

Every once in a while I’ll scroll through my Instagram feed and see two photos that bear a striking resemblance to one another. Does that ever happen to you? Well, I think its pretty fascinating so I thought I’d start documenting these little similarities I come across here. Plus, who knows maybe you’ll discover a new feed to follow!


@littleonelove / @bleubird


@maraferreira / @srslyliz

That last set of Mara + I is what inspired me to start posting these here. I thought it was funny our photos were pretty much the same!

February 3, 2014 12 Comments Photography


photo credit, letting by me

There’s been a fun meme floating around and miss Kory was nice enough to tag me in her rendition. Now & Then is a self-reflection from both past + present. I enjoyed thinking back to my rebellious teenage days and seeing the contrast of how different (and at times not so different) I am today.


















That was fun + embarrassing all at once ;) I tag anyone who wants to participate…if you do, leave a link in the comments section so I can read all about you. xx

January 30, 2014 8 Comments Personal


I’ve had a serious case of wanderlust lately. I’m craving fresh air, a picturesque landscape, trees, campfire, mountains, ocean–anything out of the norm. I just want to get out there and get wild, you know? In fact, I wouldn’t mind being transported to wherever this photo was taken. I decided to write all over it and offer it as a free desktop download, in case anyone else out there has the same idea as me and wants to daydream about getting outta town. I have some vacation hours saved up so maybe there is a trip in my future after all…where do you want to go?

2153×1440 / 1680×1050 / 1440×900 / 1280×800 / ipad / iphone

January 29, 2014 9 Comments Design, Download