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She’s the winner of last week’s Bloggerversary giveaway {do check out her wonderful blog}. Congrats to her & many thanks and hugs to all who participated. Stick around and maybe there will be more to give away in the future ;)

ps; I realize you’re supposed to screen shot the excel spreadsheet/random.org pages to *prove* the person won legitimately but I fail hard and closed everything before I could do so because I was so excited to post the winner lol. I promise hanako66 is the real winner. If I would have cheated I would have picked myself, so there.

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It’s that time again–another tasty installment of Cupcake Craving. Check out all the cakey goodness I’ve been hoarding away in bits & pieces over the past few weeks to share with you today:

7 Unconventional Cupcake Recipes – How do you feel about bacon cupcakes? How about flourless ones to fill with ice cream instead? Hoo boy, this article just goes to show the possibilities really are endless.

Where The Wild Things Are Cupcakes – It’d be fun to whip up a batch of these to stash in your purse & sneak into the move premiere next week!

Cupacake.com – Whoever invented this is a pure genius. GENIUS I TELL YOU. Perfect for those times you wanna be selfish and not share your scrumptious snack. “Oh this? It’s a cupcake. Yeah. Single serving though, sorry.”

Cupcake Craze Chunk Notebook – 200 pages of cute. If only the pages were frosting scented.

Spaghetti Cupcakes – At first glance I was like, “HOLY COW SPAGHETTI CUPCAKES!” but upon further investigation I discovered they weren’t really meatball/noodles cuppy’s. So then I was all, “HOLY COW CANDY SPAGHETTI CUPCAKES!” Must make right away.

Have you come across any cupcakey things I should know about?

musicnote1 My eyes can’t believe what they have seen In the corner of your room you’ve stockpiled millions of our memories

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Today is a special day in blogland {for me, at least} because my blog turns one year old. HOORAY! In celebration, I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway to honor all you cuties out there who read my ramblings, day in & day out. I couldn’t be doing this without ya’ll. So thanks! Now on to the good stuff…

One lucky person will win these deliciously adorable cupcake earrings from pinkflowercube‘s etsy shop & a happy cupcake moleskine notebook from askingfortrouble.


SUCH cutesy stuff, it’s taking all my willpower to keep from hogging it all to myself ;) askingfortrouble was also gracious enough to throw in some extra goodies, a hyper-cute set of postcards from her shop. So the winner can expect a few of those as well. Lovelove.

To enter; all you have to do is leave a comment below w/ your email so I can get a hold of you. All entries must be submitted by Friday October 9th at midnight {California time} and the winner will be announced Monday, October 12th. Again, thanks for reading & I love you all! xox

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If you know me you know music is a huge part of my life. Which is why I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by a group of friends who are extremely talented in the field. Today’s MM features my dear friend Jack Matranga and his new project Tin Can Notes. If like me, you’re a sucker for acoustic guitar, piano and sultry singing than this is the band for you. Also today, just for you lovelies he is making one of the tracks from the EP available for download. Listen below & click here to get it.

<a href="http://tincannotes.bandcamp.com/track/california-in-the-ether">California In The Ether by Tin Can Notes</a>


All along I thought that words were strong enough, now the storm is calm my words are all alone

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