Hold on a minute, it’s already November?! Cheese & rice, this year has FLOWN by for sure.
I figured it’s been awhile since I wrote about what’s been going on with me and some of you are starting to complain about not knowing so here we are :)

A couple weeks ago I wrote about wanting to incorporate bangs into my hairstyle and so as promised here is the result;


They def take some getting used to and in my opinion are a liiiiiiiittle too long still so once I have my stylist fix them I’ll be completely happy with them. Thanks to everyone who left me sweet compliments already. You’re all dolls.

As far as work goes, I’m really excited about how much freelance has been picking up for me. It’s safe to say I have enough gigs to last me until the end of the year and that makes me {and my budding portfolio} very happy. Believe it or not I’m still working on unveiling IA as a full site {due to files missing and a hard drive crash of my old laptop}, the lovely Aline of Bailey And Meisiter and I are working together on her blog redesign, and I’ve got a couple projects brewing with my badass friend Dane. Now all I need is time to sit down & crank out everything. With the exception of Monday’s Girl’s Nights, you can find me sitting at home working on all that fun stuff over the next few weeks. Good thing I have Glenn there to assist me as my handsome live-in tutor.

Speaking of Glenn, he has a birthday coming up this Thursday! My baby turns 24 & finally catches up with me–the older woman ;) This paycheck was rent money unfortunately so his presents from me are going to be a bit belated :| They’re worth the wait though babe I promise! We’re going to spend his day with his family and have a nice dinner with them ♥ If you’re feeling frisky feel free to tweet him a happy birthday on Thursday.

On the topic of giving, with the holidays fast approaching I’m starting to panic about gifts for everyone. I was having this conversation with my bff Ashley recently & we’ve decided that we’re going to partner up and make a lot of our presents this year. We’ve come up with some really cute ideas so far & I’m really excited to get crafty with her. She’s good.

It’s also worth mentioning that a particular person from my past whom I was once very close with was in town this past weekend and I had the opportunity to have a much needed conversation with this person. It feels good to get some of that negative energy out of my system, for sure. Thank you {you know who you are}.

So there’s my little update. Hope you’re happy now, Val ;)

What are you all up to lately, toots?

ps; If you caught The Almost reference in my title you’re my new favorite person. They play in SF tomorrow night & I’m so sad I’m missing it. Aaron Gillsepie is amazing.

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It’s no secret that Glenn & I {mostly} have very different tastes in music. For the most part he’ll stay on the heavy metal side, I’ll listen to my guilty pleasure pop music & we’ll meet somewhere in the middle around Radiohead. I’m okay with that. So imagine my surprise when he nonchalantly mentioned to me the other day that Say Anything came out with a new record. I was completely taken aback because it’s definitely NOT his cup of tea.

Seeing as how I’ve been a fan of SA for a long time, I immediately went to check out the new stuff. It’s dark. It’s witty. It’s great. Just watch the video for their new single up there. Lead vocalist Max Bemis goes fucking NUTS. Literally. It’s no secret he’s battled with mental illness in the past. According to his Wikipedia article;

In 2004, Say Anything released its breakout record, …Is a Real Boy. Around this time, Bemis’ mental health problems began to surface. “I literally lost my mind while we were recording,” stated Bemis regarding the breakdown. Heavy marijuana use, anxiety caused by recording and writing the album, and what would later be diagnosed as bipolar disorder landed him in a mental institution. The breakdown centered around a mockumentary discussed by Bemis and producer Tim O’Heir. Bemis’ state of mind led him to believe he was being secretly filmed for the mockumentary; the situation culminated in him walking the streets of Brooklyn thinking he was being filmed while encountering friends (who were actually strangers).

Duuuude. Intense. But I think it definitely aided in writing a hell of an album.

I thought I’d share the video for my favorite Say Anything song Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too. I used to listen to it on repeat and the vid makes me LOL. Lyrics are NSFW by the way. Just another reason why I heart SA, they really will just say anything.

You’re the omen that all has changed that was deranged and even if you stomp me ’til I’m sore no matter what, I’d bleed to be your whore and even if the cancer grows until we explode, I’m yours

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Okay sorry, ignore the post title; I just couldn’t resist. Kindergarten Cop is one of my favorite movies {I have odd choices when it comes to films} and I felt like that one-liner could relate to the content of this here post. THAT being said, we are going to play a little game I like to call “Who the hell are you?” I figured with all my new followers lately {yes, you HI!} it’d be nice to have a little refresher and re-introduce myself and learn a little about you guys at the same time. Capeesh? Okay, so…

Who the hell am I?
My name’s Liz and I’m 24 years young. I live in a quaint flat in Northern California with my boyfriend Glenn & our monstrous feline, Cadence. I had my partygirl days but these days I often prefer just staying in with a nice glassbottle of wine & Netflix. I enjoy cooking although I’m not sure I’m very good at it. Cupcakes & owls make me happy.

I feel like I’ve seen you around teh internetz before
You may have. I get around ;) I’ve been known to frequent Facebook, share photos on flickr, be a tweetaholic, & was subject to Glenn’s cures to boredom for sixty days.

So what do you do?
By day I hate my life working as a legislative assistant for a lobbyist, by night {and any other free moments I have} I take on some beginner freelance web design work and am slowly building up my portfolio so I can flee the cubicle once & for all. Glenn & I hope to one day open our own design studio together; that is the ultimate goal.

Some random facts;
I do my best thinking in the shower.
I am trilingual in 3 languages: English, Spanish & Lolspeak.
I cry at books the way people cry at movies.
I wear a lot of hats–literally and figuratively.
I say ‘srsly’ so much it will make your head explode. I’m not sorry.
My girlfriends and I are all obsessed with TV shows like Gossip Girl & One Tree Hill & the entire Twilight series. We realize this is ridiculous and we don’t care.
I hate the snow and being cold in general.
I LOVE sleep. I favor the left side of the bed, I sleep on my stomach and if its just me laying there I sprawl out and find all the cool spots in the sheets with my feet.
I’m an Apple fangirl. I don’t think I can live without my iPhone or MacBook Pro.
I have intense road rage & hate driving/cars in general. I don’t understand how people who can’t drive/park have licenses. That being said I carry around notepads in my purse and leave people like that *love* letters on their windshields.
In case you didn’t notice, I am SASSY.

So that’s me in nutshell! I hope this gives old & new readers alike a renewed sense of the crazy person that is me. So tell me, who the hell are you? Let’s get to know each other!

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Woo! Hold on tight little cupcakes, I’ve got a lot of lovin’ this week for ya’ll!

I think the Weezer Snuggie is ha-ha-larious!

Nowadays everyone & their mom is doing the 365 Project {once I get my camera I’ll be doing it too!} I came across a truly beautiful set on flickr the other day. Amazing.

This cutie scarf has pockets to hold all your essentials! Genius & WANT.

This project is the brain child of one of my favorite bloggers. Please check it out and submit a piece! It’s for a good cause.

Why does this gorgeous jewelery have to be so expensive?! The owl ring! *dies*

I’m sure every reader/writers dream is to own a stair/bookcase like this one. Love <3

I wouldn’t mind getting crafty with this wall vase DIY and brightening up the place! So pretty. Plus hellllooooo, it’s totally an excuse to *empty* a few bottles of vino.

When I was little I was obsessed with paper dolls. Who knew one day I could be one?

I am all about these typography prints. I’ll take both plz.

Want to surprise your lover with a cutesy, new & simple bookmark? Voila! I just did this to all my paperclips at work. Thanks carlovely!

I absolutely love this entire series! My favorite is the “I don’t know what I did before the Internet.” Hahahaha. Truth.

Glenn and I are always unplugging shit around the house. But somtimes it’s annoying when I forget things are unplugged, like the microwave, and have a conniption because my soup isn’t heating up. Enter: Plug n’ Twist.

Smashing Magazine never ceases to amaze me. They wrote the most fantastical article on Offline Inspiration. Read it, learn it, live it.

Paragraphically Speaking; eating pizza 5 days in a row & not getting sick of it; MAC black-track liner; riding bicycles to the natural foods co-op; yellow beenie’s; feeling useful; Netflix; yummy wine; down comforters; feelin’ the love from my blogging babes; my sister being a BEAST at volleyball<3; my mom baking funfetti cupcakes & reading my blog; my boyfran being a cutie pants 24/7; best friend chats; butternut squash soup; those rare occasions when work is bearable; being a fatkid por vida but getting told I look skinny{!}; exciting haircut plans; my cute owly stamp; fiery-hot showers; & sleeping in. ♥

How’s your week? What are YOU loving lately?

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