Sorry for all the pictures of my face but…my friend Ashlee is crazy-talented when it comes to photography. I needed new head shots for my new website (coming someday) and she just happened to announce that she was having a pop-up portraits session in a lovely flower field so, I jumped on that. The gorgeous flower crown I’m wearing is handmade by local florist Scarlett & Grace and my pretty lace top is courtesy of Love Bellissima Boutique.

Do you want to be a golden flowerchild too? Well you’re in luck because Ashlee is having another pop-up portrait session on March 27th. You can check out her blog for more info.


My friend Joanna is organizing a new conference for women creatives here on the West coast and I’m so looking forward to checking it out!

Paul Rudd has always been one of my celebrity crushes–he’s just as hilarious as he is attractive. This video of him having a lip syncing battle with Jimmy Fallon had me in stitches.

This gorgeous decoupage bottle DIY would make the perfect gift for you or someone else.

Dating a designer: 10 things you need to know. A lot of these made me laugh.

I’ve been on the hunt for a simple black ankle boot and I recently ordered these cute ones from Betsey Johnson. They should be here on Monday and I can’t wait!

OFFLINE LOVE / prosciutto pizza; self-motivating myself to get up early + workout; all of my shows coming back; my pink nalgene water bottle; getting my hair done; outdoor movies + bbq with friends; phone calls with my little sister; the perfect nude nail polish; sonia kashuk cosmetics; glenn + i getting other people to speak in silly accents with us; settlers of catan tournaments; trying new things in the kitchen; & a piece of dark chocolate w/ red wine.

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I’ve recently come across a handful of health/fitness/clean eating Instagram accounts that have been motivating and inspiring me lately so I wanted to share them here in case you’d like to follow along as well. In no particular order:

@sometimessweaty – Danielle from Sometimes Sweet documents some of her workouts and favorite healthy recipes.

@eating_whole – Lauren (formerly, Busy Bee Lauren) shares some seriously amazing clean eating + paleo recipes that are to die for. I’ve made a couple of meals based on her recommendations and they’ve been a hit.

@blogilates – This one is a little bit of everything–recipes, workouts and other health tips. She also has a youtube channel with free pilates workout videos that I want to try out.

@jennaskitchen – This account is fairly new but I’m already taking notes from Jenna like baking *hard boiled* eggs in the oven (genius).

@tinabock – This girl is like my yoga spirit animal. She inspires me to get better at my practice.

If there’s some other healthy IGers out there you think I should be following and you want to share please let me know!

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OUTFIT DETAILS / cardigan: zara t-shirt: nordstrom rack (similar) high-waisted jeans: nordstrom rack (similar) boots: target (similar)

I’m finally getting around to re-stocking my closet after the decision to go back to basics late last year. I picked up a few things I had my eye on from Zara including this wrap-around cardigan. It’s the perfect neutral shade and super cozy; I want it in every color now!

Oh, and I finally got my camera back in working order so expect some more little What I Wore style posts and snaps I’ve taken lately. xx

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