On Hiking and Being Toothless

I am so freaking sore today. The combination of hiking in Yosemite this past weekend and running a mile & a half last night definitely pissed off my muscles. In a good way though I guess. Speaking of Yosemite, here’s a photo that was snapped of the bunch of us on our way to bridal veil falls. We had a blast and the place is gorgeous (ps; how awesome is my safari hat?! You know you’re jealous).

In other news, my mouth is about to accompany my body on the ouch factor as well. Come Friday, I’m getting my wisdom teeth extracted and I am so not stoked about that. I’ve never had surgery of any kind which means I’m an anesthesia n00b & this will be my first time “going under.” To be quite honest I’m scared shitless. But the people I’ve talked to who are oral surgery veterans assure me it’s not so bad. My appointment is scheduled for 8am that day which works out perfectly because then I have the entire weekend to suffer the brunt of the pain PLUS it’s Labor Day weekend which gives me an extra day to recover before it’s back to work. I plan on being in bed all day blogging, sleeping or a vicodin induced combination of both. I apologize in advance for any forthcoming posts involving my remaining teeth talking to me/how mashed potatoes are the lifeblood of my existence.

I plan on filling up the rest of the week preparing for that, engaging in never-ending cleaning of our flat bonanza & taking care of other shit on my to-do list.

How’s everyone else’s week going? & who’s bringing me soup this weekend?

Swear to shake it up if you swear to listen oh, we’re still so young and desperate for attention (thanks Val for getting this stuck in my head today!!!)


  1. val says:

    i sent the same text to taytay too lol it was awesome

  2. val says:

    ps. also when you get your meds, have them filled immediately and start taking them. anti inflamatories take 3 days to truly do their job and with pain meds you want to take them before you start feeling the pain so keep on a regular schedule until your prescriptions run out. <3 good luck bia.

  3. Liz says:

    @val – Haha, nice. And really? Like, start taking them NOW?

  4. Jenn says:

    I still haven’t gotten my wisdom teeth out yet but I have had surgery on my mouth to get a teeth pulled where they put me to sleep made me take valium and vicodin. In the end, it really wasn’t that bad except for the puffy-cheeks. Good Luck!

  5. Liz says:

    @ Jenn – Ooh. I hope you’re right! Thanks :]

  6. ok – first off – you guys are rock stars. i don’t hike.

    2nd – at first glance, Glenn looked like he had his shorts somewhat not all the way on. haha

    3rd – sorry about the W-teeth. I was chipmunk-faced for a good week afterward. Looking forward to some oh-so-flattering blog pics. :)

  7. Kristinnn says:

    cute picture. its just too bad it looks like we’re green screened onto some random field because that lady SUCKED!!!

  8. Liz says:

    @juniper James – Ha, it wasn’t too bad. A lot of bouldering which was rough on the way up but easier on the way down.
    HAHAHA it totally does look like that now that you mention it. Be honest, would you really be surprised? :]
    Oh god lol. Not sure if I’ll be brave enough to post those!

    @Kristinnn – I knoooow I was so sad. You can’t even tell where we are lol. But whatev at least we know ;]

  9. iris ashley says:

    well then we’ll definitely have to meet up thursday so i can give you cake, since you wont be able to eat it for a while after that

  10. Julie says:

    Have no fear my firend. Having your wisdom teeth pulled is nothing more than a good excuse to take good drugs, lay in bed all day and be pampered! Feel lucky :-)

  11. Clare says:

    Oh no wisdom teeth! Well at least you have an excuse to relax for a fw days and catch up on your favorite daytime tv shows!

  12. val says:

    lmao. no. not now. i mean as soon as you are able to swallow anything lol

  13. Liz says:

    @iris ashley – DAMMIT we’re sleeping over at my friend Jenn’s (who works at my dentist) place Thursday night since she’s so close to the dental office and my appt. is at 8am :( What are you doing tonite after 5?

    @Julie – You’re like, the 2nd reassuring person. Everyone else is like OMG IT SUCKS SO BAD FREAK OUUTTTT. lol.

    @Clare – Dude you have no idea. I’m going to finish season 1 of True Blood on DVD haha.

    @val – Oooh yeah. Jenn is going to call in my meds/have Glenn have pick them up WHILE I’m in surgery ha. I lucked out.

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