Making the Most of a Small Bathroom with a Steam Shower

While many of us may wish we had the luxurious space often depicted in interior design magazines and websites to indulge our personal whims – reality can be somewhat different – fighting to make the most of limited space available in terms of functionality and décor, especially when it comes to the bathroom.

So here are 3 ideas to make the most of limited bathroom space and transform it into something extra special.

  1. Declutter

This is the first essential step. You want to remove anything that is not essential and explore storage options for keeping all the necessary toiletries and bathroom supplies out of sight. Under-sink storage or ceiling-mounted cubbies can help get items of the floor or shelves and give a small bathroom a cleaner and sleeker look.

  1. Consider colour

A small bathroom will benefit enormously from a light colour palette – which will help give a more open feeling to the space. While plain white walls might not sound so exciting, you can always add splashes of colour using towels, plants and other accessories.

Explore lighting options such as sunken ceiling lights or ceiling mounted spotlights for grooming tasks and eliminate any large central lighting fixtures. This will also help in opening up the space and providing the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.

  1. Luxury indulgence

A small bathroom doesn’t have to mean it can’t be a special and welcoming space where you can relax and spoil yourself. Rather than try and juggle for space to install a separate bath and shower, why not consider a combined steam shower bath enclosure.

This will provide bathing options; either allowing you to long soak or take a quick shower and also enjoy the various benefits of steam sessions. An enclosed combo unit can take up the same space or even less than a regular bath and can be the perfect solution for a bathroom which is space-challenged.

Another great advantage of an enclosed unit is the avoidance of condensation in the rest of the room – as all the vapour is maintained within the bath/shower enclosure. This allows you to fully enjoy a spa-like experience even in the smallest bathroom – and then simply step out and be able to use the mirror without needing to wait for it to clear.

A quick steam session is also an excellent pre-shave, exfoliation or waxing preparation and helps provide enhanced results – a truly spoiling experience.

So, if you’ve always thought that your small bathroom is limited – think again! With a little creativity and thought, you can enjoy a five-star spa experience in the comfort of your own home and make your bathroom an appealing feature of your home.

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