Maintaining Your Piano


Being a pianist is about more than just playing the piano. You can’t make beautiful music if your instrument is in need of care. While it may seem daunting to care for such a large and complex instrument, there are simple things you can do regularly that don’t require a lot of extra effort. Here are some tips to keep your piano in excellent condition.

  • Keep your piano clean: Just like your car, your piano functions better when it is clean. Keep the exterior and keys free from dust and grime, and avoid storing liquids nearby that can spill.
  • Keep your piano in a cool, dry place: Sunlight can cause your piano’s finish to fade and crack, and moisture, humidity, and severe temperature differences can cause warping. It is more difficult to keep your piano in tune when it is constantly being affected by extreme temperatures and moisture.
  • Keep your piano tuned: Scheduling regular tuning maintenance can keep your piano in better shape for many years. Not only will it prevent from excessive warping, but you will enjoy the more consistent tone and feel.
  • Play your piano often: There is nothing sadder than an unused piano gathering dust in a corner. You will be able to identify small problems more quickly when you play often. Keep your piano and your fingers in excellent shape by playing the piano regularly.

Although you may follow these tips to keep your piano in great playing condition, there are times when you might need professional help in your area. You can find piano repair Bostoncompanies that can help you with more intensive repairs and service. Keep in regular contact with your piano technician and maintain a schedule of regular tuning to keep your piano in excellent shape.

By maintaining your piano, you are virtually guaranteed to be able to create beautiful music for many years to come.

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