Link Bytes 9.21.12

01// I’ve been wanting to attempt some craft projects involving gold leaf & Kelli’s pretty paper mache bowls are looking like a good first try.

02// I am sincerely loving these sporty yet feminine get-up’s.

03// Totally keeping my eyes peeled for an old crocheted blanket so that I can make my own slouchy sweater-top this autumn.

04// If you have a Mac be sure to stop by Vanessa’s blog & nerd out on some must-have’s for your tech.

05// Pretty interesting site which helps you determine which politician you side with the most. The UI is pretty slick, to boot.

Offline Love; rum + cherry Dr. Pepper; baked broccoli; confetti nail polish; harvest pumpkin blue moon beer; catching up with my girls; strawberry crystal light; breaking through on a new design; crunching leaves on walks around my neighborhood; Walt’s *grooming*; camping in a tent in the backyard; receiving happy news & enacting what I can control.<3



  1. Vanessa says:

    <3! I've been drinking blue moon a lot lately. Will have to try the harvest pumpkin :)

  2. Kelli Murray says:

    thanks for the byte liz :) happy weekend! xo

  3. Angie says:

    OMG, we’ve been having a lot of that Blue Moon flavor lately. So, so good! Also, tent camping is so much fun – we actually have looked into tent camping all year long. It’s interesting!

  4. Adeline says:

    Love these links! Thanks for sharing! xoxox

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