Link Bytes 2.14.14.


1. What Do You Carry? is a voyeuristic view into what creative types carry around with them.

2. My girl Heather talks about important traditions. Can we talk about how amazing her macrame fiber wall hangings are?!

3. A man puts household items in his beard and then photographs it. Genius.

4. This spicy thai chicken soup sounds so delicious and perfect for a wintery night dinner.

5. I have this Everlane shirt in my shopping cart and I know its only a matter of time until I click “checkout.” It pairs perfectly with my new high-waisted black skinnies!

PS; I was featured this week on Angel’s Ask A Freelancer series alongside the lovely Tara where we answer some questions and give tips on booking clients.

OFFLINE LOVE / strawberry cereal bars from trader joes’s; sonia kashuk highlighter crayon on my cheekbones; fancy new underthings; the rain giving my car a much needed car wash; sitting shoulder-to-shoulder working in a coffee shop with my love; getting a nice tax return; FINALLY paying off the extra deposit on my rent; crawling around on the floor with my nephew; reading a book with my dogs on my lap; glenn and i chasing each other around the house + laughing; and making time for the people i love.


  1. Leigh-Ann says:

    The beard guy is THE FUNNIEST THING to me this week!! Just followed his instagram ;)
    Thanks Liz!
    - LA

  2. If ever there was a reason for my husband to grow his beard a bit longer, that is it!!

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks for linking to the interview you did. That was just what I needed to read while I’m getting my business going in its first stages!

  4. haley says:

    cool! loved your feature!

  5. Allie says:

    I bought that shirt and it was fit me the weirdest. I was so so so so so so sad. PS this blog is lookin’ fiiiine. Love your pin it hover + scroll to top! gorg.

    • Liz says:

      Really?! :( I bought it also and wore it for the first time today and I’m obsessed. Did you order a size down like they recommend? And thank you :) Both are hand-lettered by me!

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