Link Bytes 2.10.12

01// A super thoughtful & insightful article on friendship.

02// Carmen’s Top 5 Fake Jobs made me laugh pretty hard.

03// So cool! Katie shares a screencast of her latest owl doodle. This inspires me to better learn Illustrator.

04// Brooke gives us a little behind the scenes look at recording an album in her home. I miss my friends in these photos!

05// I’m really loving this look on Mara. I have a long cardigan in that color too and she’s inspiring me to try new ways to wear it.

Offline Love; the new dierks bentley album; texts with hillary; munching on oriental rice crackers from trader joe’s; NOT losing my wallet; living in black leggings; my mom coming over and cleaning my kitchen in under 20 minutes {only mom’s have those super cleaning powers}; doing my best thinking in the shower & sitting in sunbeams<3


  1. Nina Amelia says:

    I love your link bytes! I always stumble over something new and pretty. :)
    And thinking IS done best in the shower.

  2. Krysten says:

    Lol I need a couple of those fake jobs! I was just saying at work the other day that I should be a professional coffee drinking, considering all the coffee I’ve been consuming. That would be amazing, right?

  3. Tiera says:

    I was cracking up laughing over those fake jobs!

  4. Vanessa says:

    OMG why have I never heard of this What Katie Does blog? It’s beautiful! Also, can your Mom come over and clean my kitchen? Tell her I’ll bake her a cake. <3

  5. diana says:

    The NY Times article on friendship made me so sad. It’s reality but one I really don’t like facing.

  6. Thanks for the love, lady!! That owl screencast is adorable :)

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