Link Bytes 1.17.14


Super interesting study on which names rank the best in terms of best husbands + wives. I was very happy to discover I rank ‘most desirable.’ Ha!

These NFL logos redesigned as hipsters are too good.

Came across this gorgeous monitor stand DIY by Ugmonk.

Two words: watermelon mimosas. YES PLS.

I’m diggin’ these tips by Kendi on how to stay active; no gym required.

OFFLINE LOVE / dry shampoo all day errday; roasted sweet potatoes; losing another couple pounds on biggest loser this week; puppy cuddles keeping me warm in the morning after glenn leaves; mixing patterns; girl date with a friend/client; feeling inspired + growing as a business; fuzzy socks; sore muscles, the return of nashville + shameless and godiva mint chocolate squares.


  1. Kory says:

    That study about names is great. Not surprisingly my name isn’t listed; however, neither is my boyfriend’s so maybe we’re okay together! Haha!

  2. Katie says:

    Love that study! and Katie is #1! yeah baby. haha

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