Link Bytes 1.10.14


I’m back today with the first Link Bytes of the new year! I switched up the format for these posts and I’ve also decided to to take the pressure off of myself to post them weekly and just post them intermittently as I please. I wish you all a lovely weekend. xx


I was enraptured watching this video of a man understandably dubbed as “the lion whisperer.” 2:06 will melt your heart.

The further I go into my relationship, the more appealing + romantic elopement sounds. My friend Danielle captured one such couple’s special day at the San Francisco courthouse. If there’s any place to elope this would be it and if there’s any photographer’s lens I’d want to be in front of it’d be hers.

Haley is a girl after my own heart wearing all black + looking fabulous while doing so.

My girl Brianna made some lovely 2014 calendars available for download!

I made these for lunch this week and they were a hit in my house! Super quick + easy (not to mention, healthy).

OFFLINE LOVE / listening to podcasts in lieu of music on my drives to + from work (post forthcoming); losing 4.5lbs on my first week weigh-in for the biggest loser challenge; running (who would have ever thought?); cucumber-infused ice water; meal planning; my new tangerine + olive scented candle; sparkly self-manicures; putting eyeliner on everyday this week; writing in my new planner + feeling excited/accomplished; buying new plants + putting them all over the house; accomplishing having a sober week & creating my running playlist (because, beyoncé).


  1. Leigh-Ann says:

    I love the underline spacing on your links, Liz!

  2. Ashlee says:

    Loved the elopement photoshoot! It was perfect!

  3. haley says:

    Thanks for the outfit love! I need to subscribe to your playlists!

    Colour Me Classic

  4. Angel Y. says:

    Way to go on losing 4.5 lbs! You got this! Fantastic links. Brianna’s calendar is amazing.

  5. Brianna says:

    Thanks Liz! You’re so sweet – also love all the ariel stuff you’ve been doing, so cool.

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