HVAC Upkeep: Finding a Servicer You Can Trust

With those warm summer months fast approaching, you don’t want to be left without a functioning air conditioning system. Sure, it is easy to have an HVAC system installed and think that your responsibilities are over other than swapping out the occasional filter, but nothing could be further from the truth. HVAC units, like any other machine, require maintenance and upkeep, which is why it is beneficial to have a qualified HVAC technician on standby.



Before spending any significant amount of time with an air conditioning service Tampa, you will want to research the company. Researching doesn’t only refer to performing web searches and visiting review sites. While each of these is useful and should be utilized, the best method for researching is actually to find someone who has used the service recently. Talk to family and friends. Look into any referrals and references that the company has provided. The idea behind research is to find a company with excellent customer service who stands behind their work. Therefore, you should be looking for work they have done in the past as well as recent projects.

Ensure Certification

After you have settled on a list of potential HVAC specialists, you will want to verify certification and experience. While every state has different regulations, you can rest assured that there are most likely licensing and training requirements for any HVAC servicer. Therefore, ask for this information upfront. Aside from licensing, there are professional organizations that offer certification, like the North American Technician Excellence certification which guarantees the education and training of any technician you hire.

Check Prices

For you to get a good idea of the costs associated with HVAC upkeep, maintenance and even possible replacement, it is essential to have a home consultation. Almost all HVAC companies offer in-home inspections, and almost no company will quote you prices without first seeing and evaluating your system. To test the waters of a company’s customer service and expertise, you can prepare a list of questions to asks during the inspection. Don’t limit yourself to questions about your current system. Ask about rebates if you decide to upgrade your system, or about the efficiency of your unit compared to other. See how the service technician responds. Are you comfortable with them? If not, maybe you should find someone else.

All HVAC systems require upkeep, and with the summer approaching, now may be a good time to find an HVAC technician you can trust. However, before hiring anyone do your homework, verify their license and consult with them, making sure you are making the most informed decision possible.

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