How To Organize A Weekly Menu

Organize a weekly menu facilitates the day, as it helps you to eat healthy and varied without thinking what to prepare each morning. Also, once you have planned menu, you can make, the shopping list with everything you need and save and will take advantage and much better food, avoiding in turn have to go down every now and then to the supermarket.

How To Organize A Weekly Menu

To begin, I suggest you use a sheet or a blackboard with a blank grid weekly. The columns are the days of the week and rows will refer to the lunch and dinner. We’re going to fill considering the concept of balanced or diet dish method. This means that each main meal (lunch and dinner) must be composed of three basic ingredients: vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins.

I propose to start distributing protein (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, vegetable proteins) given that you should eat legumes 2 times per week, 1 day bluefish, whitefish 2-3 days, 1 day maximum meat red and maximum 4 eggs. Then we will add the vegetables. Try to consume each day cooked vegetable or soup and salad. So put an option in the lunch and another at dinner.

Finally, we have to add foods that provide complex carbohydrates. Bread and potatoes are foods that can be consumed every day. The rest range from rice, pasta and other grains. And with this we list the basis on which to go making the menu every week, we can only think the healthiest way of cooking.

Here you can see how a full board stay and you can also get an idea for your weekly menu. Take advantage!

Here you can see how it would be a complete table and also you can get an idea for your weekly menu.

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