How Best to Select Your Restaurant’s Chairs

Restaurant's Chairs

Opening a restaurant is exciting but the preparation for the opening can take a toll on you. There are so many things to consider and details to look into. It is not just about thinking of the restaurant concept, hiring and training staff, drawing up the menu and establishing relationships with suppliers and vendors to ensure quality equipment and high quality food supply. Even if you are working with an excellent interior decorator, choosing the right restaurant furniture can be daunting.

Aside from the tabletops, you have to carefully choose the chairs that will make your customers comfortable. They should be easy to maintain and of a size that will allow servers to move around each table with ease and help bussers do their task without bothering the customers too much.

Choosing the chairs

Several factors go into the decision making process when choosing restaurant furniture. Before you buy chairs and tables, it is best to come up with a seating plan. This will help you choose the correct size of tables and chairs to maximize your overall space for serving customers.

  • Since there are several finishes and upholstery, your chairs should be complementary to the tabletops, concept, serving style and your restaurant’s interior décor. Your chairs must be very comfortable, whether they are made of plastic, wrought iron, wood or metal. For outdoor bar restaurants, stainless steel chairs are very apt as they are sturdy and sleek, resistant to bacterial contamination and the environment, and easy to clean. Chairs made of wood are great for family style restaurants while wrought iron chairs go well with BBQ-style restaurants.
  • The seat cushion should be considered as well, since there are times when the dining takes longer. Softer cushions will make customers more comfortable, if they have to sit for hours.
  • Chairs should be made of the same material as the tabletops. If you are using beech wood for the tables and bar counters, your chairs should also be made of beech wood. You should place importance on how the strong the chairs are. They should be made of durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. As you know, restaurant chairs are the most used furniture inside a restaurant.
  • Choose chairs with clean designs. Avoid styles that have lots of crevices and designs, as they are harder to clean and keep free of debris and food crumbs. Chairs with fabric seats should be treated with a stain resistant compound.
  • Ensure that the chairs are of the correct height for your bar and restaurant tables. Likewise, they should have the right weight so as not to move while the customers are eating.

Aside from assuring that your customers are comfortable, you should choose chairs of commercial quality, which are made of superior grade materials. They should be easy to maintain and easy to replace. You do not want to have chairs that are of different design from the rest because the original design is no longer available.



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