Hillary Hopper

I discovered Hillary through Dribbble and we quickly became Twitter pals soon thereafter. I knew as soon as I read her bio of, “West coast designer & synesthete, who loves fashion and can fire a rifle” we were destined to be friends :)

Hill is a hyper-talented designer and is a huge inspiration for me. All of her work is just gorgeous and her personality is always so shiny & fun. She resides in San Francisco which is close to me, so we’re planning to meet up one of these days, really soon! Sometimes I have a love|hate relationship with the Internet, but its times like these when it allows me to form relationships with like-minded people that I am really grateful for it.


  1. I love Hillary’s work too, and also found her on Dribbble! Wish I lived closer to both of you! :(

  2. Liz! You are so, so sweet to me. I am so happy to have met you, and admire you so much. You have become such valuable friend to me and I can’t wait to see it grow even more. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your life. And also that we can carry to convos at once via twitter and text. ;)

  3. aline says:

    going to check her out and this dribble you are always talking about!!

  4. Krysten says:

    Off to check out her AND Dribbble.

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January 26, 2012 Design, Personal, Srsly Liz