From Prints To Color


While you’re sitting in the living room, you might notice that there is furniture that needs to be replaced or updated and small details that could be remodeled to provide a new look in the room. Do a little research for construction leads so that you can have a beautiful living room that brings out your personality while offering a space for the family to relax and enjoy time together.

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors. Red is a fiery color that brings a bit of warmth to the living room. Paired with white or gray, it’s a color that works well in this room of the home. Consider a white fireplace, white picture frames and a coffee table in the same color to bring out the red hues on the wall. A neutral carpet will also help to bring out the overall theme of the room.

Patterns are ideal for the living room. Floral prints might seem a bit dated, but they are becoming a trend once again. Choose a color theme for the living room, such as blue and green or pink and peach. You want colors that will go well together instead of those that contrast as these will tend to look odd in the room. Use larger swaths of color on the couch and chairs, such as brown or green, accenting the furniture with pillows in the print that you like.

If you live in a large city, then consider remodeling the room to include picture windows. These will give you a beautiful view of the area at night. Remove all of the heavy furniture and colors that seem to weigh the room down, using lighter furnishings and colors that are a bit airy in the space so that it brings a sense of openness. The large windows will keep the room from feeling overwhelming and cramped as they give a natural light that showcases the true beauty of the accessories in the room. White on white works as well. This theme can make a small room seem much larger. Add different textures so that it doesn’t seem like you’re in a doctor’s office.

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