Discovering Parks and Open Spaces in Oxford

Discovering Parks

One of the biggest attractions of Oxford is the amount of green space you can enjoy within the city, whether you are visiting for a few days or living here for years. Oxford is both an academic and commercial hub, and a relaxing space where you can choose to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town in a park, garden, or wide open space. Many of the open spaces in the city also benefit from the main river running through them. Here are some favourite spaces to explore.

Oxford Parks

The largest park in East Oxford is actually called South Park, and it is situated on the hill that stretches from the back of Oxford Brookes University to St Clements. This park is mostly open grassland which is ideal for dog walking, running, and recreation. It is also a venue for summer music festivals, given its size.

To the other side of the road from South Park, Headington Hill Park is smaller and boasts some nice landscaping and some leafy trees. You can also visit the University Parks, which are on the bank of the famous River Cherwell. These parks are undoubtedly the most famous in Oxford and they date back to the mid-19th century. These parks are ideal for jogging, playing sports, or relaxing in the sunshine (when it arrives).

To the north of the main city of Oxford, the suburb of Cutteslowe has its own park, which is great for a nice day out and has a model railway as well as a lake, tennis courts, and an aviary.

Wild Walks

Port Meadow is in the north west of the city and it is a stretch of grassland and common land that borders the river and is a fine place for a day out. On the opposite side of the city is Shotover County Park, which is similarly rewarding for a day out or a walk. There are some great views from the top of the hill, and over 110 hectares of woodland to walk through.

Oxford Specials

One of the famous outdoor spots in Oxford is actually a deer park, and it is just 10 minutes from the middle of the city. The meadow behind Magdalen College Oxford is the place to see the herd of fallow deer.

Just opposite the site of the deer park is the Oxford Botanic Garden, a smart and interesting place which houses hundreds of species and has a tropical glasshouse with some fantastic plants.

And, of course, you can play plenty of sports in the great outdoors in Oxford and Oxfordshire. An Oxfordshire golf club makes for an excellent day out, especially when combined with lunch at a country house hotel or even a spa and golf holiday for all members of the family.


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