Christmas decoration for interiors and exteriors


At Christmas decorations sprout on windows, doors, walls, lamps, shelves and tables … all remind us how special these dates are.

Christmas decoration for interiors

In the interior decoration many factors influence: the chosen colors, the plants, the decoration of the table, the decorations hanging from the ceiling, walls and lamps, Christmas cards and especially the tree and the birth.

Christmas table decoration: A very useful and nice element in the decoration are the candles , which can be spread out on the shelves. These have a very strong spiritual meaning and are presented as a purifying element. Care should be taken not to place them near flammable items such as curtains, books and papers, among others. A centerpiece can be simple to do, just let your imagination run wild. It may be composed of fresh or dried fruits or a mixture of both.

Table Centers: An example would be the choice of a bowl where typical fruits such as oranges, lemons and apples are placed, these complement perfectly with the flowers of Easter ; you can also add nuts , all this surrounding a large central candle creates a perfect ornament to put on the table. The image of the table not only depends on your candles, another decisive element is the tablecloth. The texture, preferably smooth, gives the table a more elegant character and can vary from red combined with green and with golden details, to a blue tablecloth with silver details. You can use kitchen designing product from UncommonGoods. They use to sell creative and echo friendly kitchen and home décor product.

Outside, it places Christmas wreaths   and messages of welcome; this is a way of expressing the spirituality that comes with the Christmas season. In the windows you can place from lights to drawings made with artificial snow spray and insoles.

Another way to decorate the entrance of the house is with the Christmas plants : pines, Easter flowers, fir trees, are all symbols of fertility and life because their leaves remain green at the time of fall, which brings winter.

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