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Here’s another round-up of Double Exposures for ya. Special thanks to Rebecca for sending over that first set of IG’s.

Ps; Bill Nye the Science Guy is too cool for school (but not science).

March 20, 2014 4 Comments Srsly Liz


I love learning new things about people. Especially when it comes to a lot of the online pals who I don’t have the luxury of making small talk with on a daily (in person) basis. So that’s why I loved reading Eli’s 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me and decided to post my own little list. Nothing too crazy, but personal all the same. Feel free to play along and link up in the comments so I can learn some new things about you.

ONE / I talk to my mom every day – My favorite feature about my new car is the bluetooth functionality which allows me to make & take calls through the speakers. As a result, I’ve taken to calling my mom every morning on my way to work. It’s our own little phone date at 9:15am every day. I love my mom!

TWO / I sing country karaoke – If you get enough drinks in me to be brave enough to get up on the bar karaoke stage, I will always sing either one of two songs: Leave The Pieces by The Wreckers or Hell on Heels by Pistol Annies. I’ve been told I’m not half-bad but that could be because my audience is intoxicated as well. Sidenote: when I was in Nashville this summer, the karaoke singers there were like freaking professionals. No wonder so much talent comes from that city.

THREE / I regularly stay up past midnight – Okay, this one I’m really trying to change. Whether it be due to staying up late working on a freelance project or pushing play on too many episodes of Gilmore Girls, I’m constantly burning that midnight oil. That’s not really conducive to waking up early to run + make breakfast so Glenn and I are trying to get on a better sleep schedule. The goal is to be in bed by 11pm (baby steps).

FOUR / I’ve kissed a girl – It wasn’t all Katy Perry-esque or anything but I made out with one of my best girl friends at a party. Oh, college. There were keg stands and everything.

FIVE / I have really big hands – People are always so surprised when I give such a firm handshake and its because my hands are (what I consider to be) freakishly big for a girl. I can literally palm a basketball. I don’t plan on joining the WNBA anytime soon but I suppose it did come in handy (ha!) when I played the piano when I was younger.

* woman silhouette

August 15, 2013 13 Comments Personal, Srsly Liz


As many of you may have already known and been subjected to my puppy spam on Instagram, we added a new member to our little family. Meet Roscoe! He’s now 10 weeks old and is a Brussels Griffon just like Walter. I’m convinced this is the breed of dogs we are meant to have. We’ve been wanting to get Walt a brother for some time now, and somehow the stars aligned and Glenn’s high school friend happened to have Brussels puppies a mere five minute away from the house he grew up in in Roseville. Talk about fate, right? We picked him up last week and have been taking our time adjusting to this extra furry little monster in our lives and getting him and Walter used to one another. Glenn has taken to describing him as a “piranha kangaroo” because albeit tiny, his teeth are razor sharp and he bounds around like a marsupial from down under. Oh, but the puppy breath. I can’t get enough :)

August 12, 2013 8 Comments Personal, Srsly Liz


Really? August, where did you come from?! Man…well, I love me some August. It signals the end of summer which means autumn (my favorite season) is just around the corner. It also happens to be my birthday month; in sixteen days I’ll be 28. I’m okay with it. Now, onto some of what I’ve been up to lately.

READING / Miss Diana has been so kind as to lend me some of her Kindle reads and I’m excited to start reading Nerdy Thirty and The Book Thief.

EATING / Strawberries have been my snack of choice this summer. Trader Joe’s has been selling cartons of “extra sweet” ones and I’ve been making the most delicious salad with them: mixed greens, grilled chicken, strawberries, cucumber, goat cheese, sunflower seeds & a drizzle of homemade blackberry balsamic vinaigrette. SO GOOD, you should try it.

THINKING ABOUT / Travel. I’ve been pinning like crazy to this board. There’s so many beautiful places I want to visit!

ENJOYING / The cool summer breeze at night. After our evening walks with Walter, we come home, open up all the windows, shut off the AC and enjoy the most delicious breeze inside the house. It’s my next favorite “comfort noise” next to rain against the windows.

WATCHING / Still religiously watching Gilmore Girls. I think I’m on season 4 now. I’m anticipating the return of my roommate so that she can get me the next season’s installment from her parents house! I’ve also been catching up on the return of Dexter. I can’t believe its the final season :( I’m embarrassed to admit Pretty Little Liars is a guilty pleasure of mine and since the show has become increasingly annoying, last night I begged my cousin to tell me who A is (she looked it up). Now that the mystery is solved I can sleep better at night. Okay, not really but, its a shocker! I’ve heard great things about Orange is the New Black so I plan on picking that up as well. As if I needed another time-waster. Sigh.

LOVING / Roasted seaweed snack from TJ’s, the taco truck across the street from work, challenging myself to wear lipstick everyday for a week, brunch + lady dates with my favorite gals, hiking with Glenn and friends, the 40 Days of Dating blog, rocking my sweet nephew to sleep and my comfy new mermaid pajama set.

As always, thanks to the lovely lady Danielle for the inspiration behind these posts.

* photo edited by me

August 1, 2013 12 Comments Personal, Srsly Liz