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Hello lovelies! I am thrilled to be spending some time with you today while Liz is basking in the gloriously wonderful sunshine in Maui. I hope she’s enjoying every single moment!

My question for you today is… what is inspiring you this week? Being a creative, right-brained individual – my mind is usually all over the place, turning a million miles a minute. (I’m telling you, there is constant chatter 24/7) I’ve been this way since I was a little girl. My head was always up in clouds – thinking, imagining, creating – and I was always fascinated by everything. Textures, patterns, colours – I liked to feel things, ask questions, and there were times where I would find beauty in something that everyone else seemed to find ugly. I’m still this way – completely inspired by the world around me. There are always a million thoughts, dreams, and ideas racing through my brain – and because of that, my inspiration is always changing – sometimes it’s different every single day. And sometimes, I’ll find inspiration in the smallest of things – and that one little teeny, tiny, itty bitty morsel can catapult me into creative mode – whether it be creating a concept for a photoshoot, a design project, an outfit, or a painting.

I, personally, like to keep track of what inspires me from week to week – whether it be on Pinterest, writing about it in my journal, creating an inspiration board or collage, blogging about it, or simply writing it down at the bottom of my to-do list – it’s really, really interesting to look back at what got my creative wheels turning on a certain day, and it can end up being really helpful when I find myself feeling a little stuck. Here are just a few things I’ve been drawn to the past week… who knows what it will be next week! (Or tomorrow. Or five minutes from now:))

Credits: 12 3

Credits: 12

Credits: 1 2 3 4

Credits: 1 2

What are you loving this week? Is there anything specific that you keep coming back to? Do you have a certain way of organizing all of the wonderful things that inspire you? I would love to know!

<3 - Kelly Ann


  1. Angie says:

    Kelly Ann, this post sounds like something I could have wrote!!! I totally know how you feel.

    This week, I’m loving bold colors in natural photographs. I’m loving vulture birds, Scarlet Ibis birds and Sloth’s. I’m loving powder blue and dark purple together and charming old cottages. :D

  2. Caitlin says:

    I have to say that I am enjoying florals lately. In the past I haven’t been drawn to floral designs but they’ve been drawing me in everywhere I go. I even bought a whole bunch of new shirts and dresses this weekend purely because they were lovely and floral!

    I’m also into a “tattoo art” kind of phase at this point, both in decorating and in clothing.

    I organize all the things I love using Pinterest. It’s super easy and is a great way to find things I want to come back to. Mine is :)

  3. ilene says:

    yup my mind is the same way. trying to work on a new discipline to write down all my ideas so that mind actually has room to think! like i said, trying… ;)

    loved the images of lots of rings – i think that is such a fun look!!!

  4. Krysten says:

    I love all those rings!

  5. Lovely post Kelly Ann! Everything is so beautifully matched!

  6. bridget says:

    lovin those big rings!

  7. Such a pretty post. :) I love those big geode rings. I want one so badly. :)

  8. What a fabulous post! love the curating!

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