Additional Accents and Design Features that are Immensely Useful for Your Kitchen

If you are looking to replace your existing kitchen worktop (or build one for your new kitchen, for that matter) you need to make sure that the materials you choose are just right. Material choices include natural stones such as granite and marble, but there’s also quartz, which is an engineered stone (a combination of quartz and other natural stone bits and resin to bind them all together). Granite is a particularly popular option, not only because it’s beautiful and elegant, but also because it is one of the toughest and strongest materials around. If you opt for a granite worktop, you know that you’re in for decades of kitchen worktop satisfaction indeed.

But once you have decided on the worktop material, what’s the next step? This is where some additional accents and design features can be quite useful. We’re talking about splashbacks and upstands.

The usefulness of splashbacks and upstands

If you want your kitchen to look more seamless and integrated, you can definitely make use of splashbacks and upstands. These splashbacks and upstands can be installed against your kitchen walls and behind your hob or cooker, and can be made from the same material as your worktop for seamless appeal. For instance, if you choose to have a granite worktop for your kitchen, then it would make sense to choose the same granite for your splashbacks and upstands as well.

More on splashbacks

Splashbacks are design features installed at the back of your hob or cooker, and they can extend up to the bottom edge of your kitchen cupboards or units. An average-sized splashback would be between 600 to 700mm in width. Of course, you can have it in a different size according to your needs, and all you have to do is ask the supplier and manufacturer who can easily accommodate you, such as the granite worktop London supplier, J.R. Stone. A splashback is often wider than the hob or cooker so they can perform their main function properly – that of preventing splashes on your wall.

When choosing splashbacks, you can always have them in the same colour as your worktop, but some people actually like a more dramatic effect by choosing a colour one shade darker or lighter than their worktop.

More on upstands

Upstands are a design feature installed along the kitchen walls, and they usually have a height of 100mm. Upstand lengths vary from one metre to 2.6 metres, depending on your need. They also serve a useful purpose, not only of making your kitchen look more uniform, but also of protecting your walls from splashes and splatters.

Both splashbacks and upstands are increasingly becoming popular with many homeowners, especially those who want a more unique yet uniform look and appeal for their kitchen.



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