5 Ways To Fend Off Fleas & Ticks This Summer


The weather is getting warmer and, as we all prepare for the summer season, we should certainly keep our pets in mind. Everyone’s heard – from the news to social media to the dog park – that this year’s flea and tick season is set to be unprecedented. No animal lover wants their pets to suffer, but it is nearly impossible to completely eradicate the risk of flea and ticks entirely. Here are some tips so you, as a pet owner, can stay on top of these problems to ensure your pet gets as much out of the summer as you!

Flea and Tick Treatment

There are many wonderful treatments on the market to manage fleas and ticks – from flea collars to direct-application drops. Be sure to research thoroughly which of these options are for you. Flea and tick collars tend to last several months, but are only the most effective near the head and neck area. Drops may be a better option coverage-wise, but tend to be more expensive and must be applied more often—usually between baths.


For those that prefer a more natural solution than treatments and collars that contain insecticides, vinegar can work quite well as a flea and tick repellent. Mix one teaspoon into every quart of her water or mix it half-and-half with some water in a spray bottle and distribute it evenly on her fur.


Many pet owners may hold off on use of chemical treatments as a last resort for when the infestation is bad. You may have remarkable success with much gentler solutions like citrus juice! Take the squeezed juice from an orange or a lemon and apply it lightly and evenly to her fur.

Important: Do NOT use oil extracts from lemons or oranges as this can be harmful to animals. These are only found in the peel of the fruit and are not easily extracted, so using the juice of a fresh-squeezed fruit should be safe.

A Good Ol’-Fashioned Bath

Fleas don’t have a very firm grasp on the skin or hair, unlike ticks who tend to bite into skin and latch on. A good bath with some gentle dog shampoo will wash those buggers down the drain. For added benefit, consider using flea-and-tick shampoo. These tend to be gentler than a full-blown chemical treatment.

Leave It To The Pros

If you want you pets and loved ones to be completely safe from fleas and ticks this season, professional treatment will put up strong defenses against these buggers all season long. Getting a professional treatment is highly recommended. It could mean a stress-free season for both you and your pet!

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