5 Tips and Tricks to Brave This Winter Like a Champ


It’s not uncommon to dread the onset of winter. Some hate the cold, some medical conditions are worsened by cold weather, and the rising cost of heating the home during this period is also impacting.

Solar power is one way to help you fight the cold and your energy bill at the same time, but there are lots of myths and concerns around whether they are an effective solution in the winter, as many people believe they only work on sunny days. You’ll be relieved to know that this is a myth and that they are designed to carry on working in the winter as well as at night. When you take the right precautions purchasing your solar panels you can end up with a system that works even in the coldest winter months.

Tip 1) Start to prepare before winter sets in. If you have a battery storage which has been installed outside, make sure you have a supply of anti-freeze distilled water and proper insulation as batteries can be destroyed at very low temperatures. Make sure you check the battery fluid level often so it doesn’t run too low.

Tip 2) Test out your heating system in advance and have your boilers, immersion heater and solar panels checked or serviced before winter so you can rely on them. If you find that something’s not working correctly, call a company that specialises in solar hot water repairs. Not just anyone can deal with Solar Repairs so it is important to contact a reputable company who can provide a cost-effective solution to the problem. It is better to have it checked before the onset of winter otherwise you may wake up in the winter to a freezing cold shower or bath. Having  a service plan in place can also avoid an expensive call out charge.
Tip 3) Keep a supply of food in the cupboard and freezer as when bad weather is forecast everyone rushes to the shop and starts panic buying. Thinking ahead and having provisions stored means when the exceptionally bad weather kicks in, you will not have to venture shopping to get provisions.
Tip 4) Have your car serviced before winter. There are many garages offering this service which should ensure  your vehicle does not break down in the middle of winter, when you need it most.
Tip 5) Invest in a solar powered light and phone charger to avoid being stuck in the dark without any charge in your phone to call for help. It’s also a good idea if you’re traveling any distance to have an emergency kit in your car consisting of blankets, snow shovel, snacks and drinks especially if it may take a while for help to arrive.

These simple tips should help you survive the winter, keep you ahead of everyone else who may be unprepared, and ensure that should a situation arise, you are best placed to deal with it.

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