February 2016


Hair Trends

Hair trends are important features of grooming and fashion. There are cultural, popular and practical aspects in deciding on a hairstyle. Some personal considerations in choosing a hair style or hair type, hair growth pattern, and face and head shape as well as body type. Other concerns include how much effort is required to achieve



People like to be associated with a clean home. A clean house is important for the health and well-being of your entire family. If your house is dirty, houseflies will be all over thereby spreading illness to your entire family. However, if your house is clean, houseflies won’t find a habitat in your home, thereby


Basic Rules For Correct Photography

Sad to invest money in a good DSLR camera and not being able to get more than pictures unsuccessful, ugly and disastrous, one after another, because naive carelessness about basic rules to photography, rules that every photographer, however beginner it should know. Today I bring you a series of tips and basic rules of photography