December 2015


Stylish Sarees

Saree-a piece of cloth about 6 meters long and about 1.25 meters wide is the most popular attire of Indian ladies. It is considered as a symbol of tradition and culture. Sarees are woven in handlooms, powerlooms or textile mills. Types of Sarees Materials used in sarees– Sarees are made of fabric of different materials


high heel

Each kind of women’s footwear has its own significance and benefits, but nothing beats the high heels when it comes to looking elegant and classy, whether it is for an event or for your workplace. Sneakers, bellies, flats and espadrilles are among the best options for wearing comfortable as well as cool-looking footwear. However, if



  Eyelashes the ultimate beauty accessory are crushed and tampered with. But do we really know everything about them? I guess not, so what’s  not going through it’s surprising facts about eye lashes- 1) Falling out Eyelashes also drop like our hair loss. We lose around one to five eyelashes everyday. At the end of